Kelani Yogurt

A point of interest featured in San Antonio and Surrounding Area Guidelet.

A day,night option in San Antonio, United States.

Located at 301 E Main St Fredericksburg, Texas
Visit their website at

Why Go: Kelani Yogürt is a yummy frozen yogurt shop with over 90 different toppings to choose from that create an infinite number of flavor combinations. We offer sweet and tart yogurts, all 100% live and active cultures, full of healthy probiotics. Our toppings range from super healthy fruits, nuts and organic goodies to candy favorites like M&Ms, gummies and much more! Choose as much or as little as you want with as many different toppings as you want and pay by the ounce. Try our delicious smoothies, shakes, illy espresso drinks, hot, iced or frozen and flavored lattes. We also have a great selection of all natural teas, soft drinks and snacks and the best service in town! Come see us- where there's a happy face in every Yogürt!! We look forward to serving you soon!

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