Lone Star Candy Bar

A point of interest featured in San Antonio and Surrounding Area Guidelet.

A day,night option in San Antonio, United States.

Located at 254 E Main St Fredericksburg, Texas
Visit their website at http://www.lonestarcandybar.com/

Why Go: From Abba Zaba to Zots we have it all. Fresh and delicious homemade fudge made fresh in our store. It’s made with real butter and the finest ingredients. Try FREE samples of some of our 36 flavors available every day. We even have Sucrose-free fudge. Jelly Bellys and M&Ms by the pound in all of your favorite flavors and colors. We’re famous for our chocolate-dipped bacon! Check out our selection of giant-sized candies. How about a 27 pound gummy bear of a 5 pound Hershy bar? You won’t believe your eyes! Open earlier and later than most, we’re happy to be here 7 days a week!

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