Lyndon B. Johnson National Historic Park

A point of interest featured in San Antonio and Surrounding Area Guidelet.

A day option in San Antonio, United States.

Located at 100 E Ladybird Ln Johnson City, Texas
Telephone: (830) 868-7128 Ext 244
Visit their website at

Why Go: LBJ NHP is divided into 2 separate units. The Johnson City Unit, located in Johnson City, Texas, consists of the park headquarters and visitor center, Lyndon Johnson's childhood home, and the Johnson Settlement containing his grandparents frontier log cabin. The LBJ Ranch Unit preserves President Johnson's ranch. Within the ranch district are Lyndon Johnson's birthplace, the Johnson family cemetery, and the Texas White House from which he ran the country for >25% of his presidency. The LBJ Ranch is still a working cattle ranch and LBJ NHP does preserve the LBJ bloodline in our Herefords.

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