Tunalı Hilmi Caddesi

A point of interest featured in Ankara Guidelet.

A day,lunch,dinner,night,free,just show up option in Ankara Türkiye.

Located at Kavaklıdere
Visit their website at http://tunalihilmi.com.tr/

Why Go: Istanbul may hold the heart of traditional Turkey, but Ankara embraces the modern side, and there is no better place to experience what modern Turkey is all about than Tunali Hilmi Caddesi, a bustling shopping and dining district in central Ankara. Tunali Hilmi is known for its pasaj, or indoor shopping area, but the streets are always full of activity, with families, buskers, and even the occasional transvestite. The street comfortably shares some of the hottest bars in town with a few cozy hidden tea gardens. Take the time to peek into some of the unassuming cafes- the back patios are often secret treasures!

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