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Located at Kızılay Mah.
Visit their website at https://www.zomato.com/tr/ankara/guvenpark-cafe-k%C4%B1z%C4%B1lay/menu

Why Go: The center of Ankara, a transportation hub, the center of political protests, and one of the busiest corners in the city. If you want to people watch, this is the spot! Güvenpark isn\'t much of a park, spanning only one city block and surrounded by heavy traffic, but it is a central gathering place. The large sculpture at the end of the park was built in 1935 as a tribute to the police and gendarmes who served in the War of Independence. \r\n\r\nWalk around the edge of the park to find a snack of simit, fresh fruit juice, grilled corn, or other delicious tidbits.\r\n\r\nFrom here you can catch a bus, the metro, or a mini-bus (dolmuş) to anywhere in town.

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