Kocatepe Camii

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A day,varies,just show up option in Ankara Türkiye.

Located at Kocatepe
Visit their website at http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kocatepe_Mosque

Why Go: Locals will tell you with derision that Kocatepe Mosque is modern and unoriginal, but don\\\'t let that stop you from visiting. With a capacity for 24,000 worshipers, Kocatepe is the largest mosque in Turkey and casts a staggeringly impressive silhouette onto the Ankara skyline. It was completed in 1987 and features an eclectic neo-Ottoman style, drawing influences from several of the prominent historical mosques in Istanbul. For believers and non-believers alike, the spell of reverence in the giant space cast by the painted walls, stained glass windows, and 1 ton solid gold chandelier is a captivating experience. Entry is free and the mosque is open to all. Plan to take off your shoes upon entry. Women, bring a scarf to cover your head as a gesture of respect, just as with any mosque in Turkey.

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