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A day,free,just show up option in Ankara Türkiye.

Located at Mebusevleri Mah. Anıt Cad. Anıttepe Çankaya
Telephone: +90 312 231 2805
Visit their website at

Why Go: It only takes about 20 minutes of walking around Ankara to realize the love and respect Turks have for Mustafa Kemal Atatürk, the founder of modern Turkey. His image can be seen on t-shirts, flags, shop walls, and you may even spot people with his signature tattooed on an arm. And so it is hardly surprising that Atatürk\'s mausoleum is one of the most significant sights in Ankara. The structure of the mausoleum is impressive enough, visible from more parts of town than you\'d imagine possible, but the most interesting part is the biographical museum, which contains artifacts from Atatürk\'s life and a history of the War of Turkish Independence. This is an essential stop for visitors to get a feel for Turkey as it exists now.

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