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A day,lunch,dinner,night,free,just show up option in Ankara Türkiye.

Located at Altındağ
Telephone: +90 444 3 919
Visit their website at http://ec.europa.eu/enterprise/sectors/tourism/eden/themes-destinations/countries/turkey/hamamonu-altindag-ankara/index_en.htm

Why Go: Hamamonu is easy to miss, nestled as it is between rough slums and modern shopping areas, but step into these few blocks and you\'ll find yourself in a charming Classical Ottoman village! No cars are allowed on the streets, adding to the feeling of walking into history, surrounded by Ottoman mansions and window displays of flowers. Don\'t miss the \"Art Street\" full of galleries and artisans practicing traditional styles. The cafes, with their traditional decor and student-friendly prices, are a charming stop after some window shopping. Be sure to stop in the old hans full of local village women selling handmade textiles, cheeses, and snacks!

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