Texas Rangers Heritage Center

A point of interest featured in San Antonio and Surrounding Area Guidelet.

A day option in San Antonio, United States.

Located at 1618 E Main St Fredericksburg, Texas 78624
Visit their website at http://trhc.org/index.html

Why Go: Former Texas Rangers – Since 1897 Much has been written about the Texas Ranger and his iconic Badge. But it was always more than just a story about a Ranger with a Badge. It is today and always was the “Story Behind the Badge” and the Moral Character exhibited by those who wore it then and still wear it today. Those Character Traits have defined and continue to define the best Men and Women in Law Enforcement as well as all those who value character, ethics and good citizenship in our communities.  From this simple beginning a singular vision, mission and extraordinary effort is being realized as the Texas Rangers Heritage Center. It took the mettle of the Texas Rangers to make it happen and it took all of the Five Character Traits to see it through. No one will be disappointed. The Heritage Center includes the Rangers Tower, standing apart as a beacon for learning, a salute to good citizenship, and the Ranger Ring of Honor, a soaring memorial dedicated to those who gav

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