Exotic Luxury Car Rental

A point of interest featured in A Guide to Miami, Florida FL, USA Guidelet.

A day,night,very cheap,varies,fixed price,just show up,must schedule option in Miami United States.

Located at 1039 SW 5th St Apt 102
Telephone: (305) 965-1018

Why Go: There is nothing bad in a plan to include a Miami rental car service in your package whenever you come to Florida. Exotic Luxury Car Rental may be all you will ever need to enjoy all of Miami's many attractions. Exotic Luxury Car Rental is located at 1039 SW 5th St Apt 102, Miami, FL 33130, and has the right vehicle for your trip in and around Miami. They offer lowest rates on their luxury cars rental services, which means you can get your dream car for a price that will not break your bank.

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