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A travel guide to Jaipur | Target Market: it provide service for tempo traveller rental jaipur for local sightseeing and outstations | A travel guide by: Freddy Fernandis

Bhangarh Bhangarh is the situated in the in the middle of Jaipur and Delhi at alwar distirct. It is the most preferred destinations picked up by the many tourist, Indian and foreigners as well. It is famous for its historical ruins; it is the most haunted place where entry is strictly prohibited before sunrise and after sunset. The fort is a beautiful kingdom. When you will enter in fort; you will see the temple of Lord Hanuman, Lord Shiva and Dev Narayan. The most of remarkable of building of the Temples – Gopinath Shiva, Mangla Devi , Bhangarh Fort, other are several havelis and mosque. Some portions of this forts acts like a perfect place for family/friends picnic. Visit us:
Ram Singh", a travel guide to Jaipur

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